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Bryony Romer Consulting provides development and strategic planning services to small and mid-sized arts organizations.  Services include:

  • Development Assessment and Planning
    • We review your current development portfolio and identify the most important opportunities for growth.
    • We develop strategies to help you realize increased contributed income from your most likely sources.
  • Institutional funding research and strategy
    • We offer extensive insight into the interests and priorities of New York City arts and culture funders.
    • We work with you to build relationships with the funders with the best match for your organization.
  • Grantwriting: Comprehensive support to help you achieve success with foundation, government and corporate funders:
    • We draft compelling language that describes your programs in language that speaks to the priorities of each funder.
    • Using grant guidelines to create a proposal framework, we tell the complete story of your organization's strengths in language that speaks to targeted funders.
  • Interim staffing 
    • We provide full-service support to provide critical continuity during staffing transitions.
  • Strategic planning 
    • We develop effective and nimble strategic planning processes designed to refine vision, articulate core strategies, and develop tactical priorities.  Planning processes build commitment from staff, board and supporters.